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Are you ready for an epic canyoning experience? Explore the stunning Friulian and Slovenian canyons with our local guides. And hey, if Czech is your native language, we've got you covered!


We make canyoning super easy and fun!

Canyoning adventures within your grasp

Skilled guides and premium equipment

Experienced guides with years of expertise ensure the ultimate adventure. Top-notch gear guarantees your safety.

Base at the prime spot

Our base is in Italy's prime location. Right under the Friulian mountains.

Hidden Gem Destinations

Unlock hidden gems: Our local guides know the terrain and will safely show you every place you don't want to miss.

Memories in Motion:
Your Canyon Adventure Captured

We'll capture your moments in the crystal-clear, cold canyon waters. No fancy filmmaking here, just awesome videos of you and your friends

What Makes Us Special

We are having fun

Where was Gondor when Westfold fell? ....Well, they were in the canyon!

We'd love to hear from you

Would you dare?

Grand Canyoning

Via Giorgio Ermolli 52,

33015, Moggio di Sotto UD


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